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XYZ Association of REALTORS® provides many MLS services and tools designed specifically for you.

Please use the links on the left to access them. 

  • Rapattoni MLS - The Rapattoni MLS is a full-featured MLS that allows users to:
    • Search for listings, hotsheets, open houses
    • Create and edit listings and open houses
    • Create CMAs and reports
    • Manage prospects and auto-prospecting
  • Cloud CMA - Use Clould CMA to create and edit CMAs
  • SentryLock - The SentryLock website allows you to manage all aspects of your SentryLock lockboxes
  • Supra - The Supra website allows you to manage all aspects of your Supra lockboxes
  • Find - a search and informational site powered by
  • Previsite, a FREE virtual tour on each of your listings, click and login for details
  • TrendGraphix/TrendVision - Statistics and graphs can be created for selected market areas
  • RPR - Realtor Property Resource - a national property database powered by the National Association of REALTORS
  • Mercado
  • HomePath - Short sale informational site produced by Fannie Mae which will offer up-to-date financing and incentives information needed to assist you and your buyers and sellers in conducting a short sale transaction
  • Department of Real Estate - XYZ State DRE - for the ease of checking licensing and other critical information helpful in conducting your business with fellow real estate professionals,
  • State Association of REALTORS -  The website for the XYZ State Association of REALTORS
  • National Association of REALTORS - The website for the National Association of REALTORS

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