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What is an Association of REALTORS®?

An Association of REALTORS® strives to be the collective force influencing and shaping the real estate industry.  It seeks to be the leading advocate of the right to own, use, and transfer real property; the acknowledged leader in developing standards for efficient, effective, and ethical real estate business practices; and valued by highly skilled real estate professionals and viewed by them as crucial to their success.

An Association of REALTORS® provides a facility for professional development, research and exchange of information among its members and to the public and government for the purpose of preserving the free enterprise system, and the right to own, use and transfer real property.

Members Include:

  • REALTORS®:  Brokers and Agents
  • Interested representatives of the business community: Affiliates and Partners

Mission Statement: 


WAAR serves its members as the primary resource for professionalism and advocates for the preservation of private property rights.